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Revity helps healthcare providers communicate with their patients about their medical bills by offering simple, no login and no download email and sms statements and payment.
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About Us

Revity believes in creating a medical billing system that works for both patients and providers.


Medical bills aren’t like other bills. They are confusing, unexpected, and wrapped in an insurance system that few patients understand and even fewer have the patience to navigate. As a result, providers have grown used to collection rates lower than any other industry, threatening their financial viability. As patient responsibility grows, both patients and providers will struggle.


Revity was founded in 2015 to change all that – dedicated to to empowering patients, supporting providers, and building the relationship between them. This means offering good:


  • Information: Simplify the complex world of insurance and medical bills so patients can take action confidently and knowledgeably
  • Communication: Create a space for dialogue between the patient and the provider
  • Financial Tools: Offer many ways to pay, including payment plans and financial aid when appropriate


If you share our passion for solving these problems, we’d love to hear from you.


Matt & David



Founder and CEO

Matt is a healthcare industry professional with broad experience, including stints in pharma, hospital consulting, community health, Medicaid policy, and most recently a non-profit focused on addressing the social determinants of health. Matt holds a BS in engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  Matt directs Revity’s business strategy, sales, and marketing.


Founder and COO

David Rubenstein is a lawyer with expertise in business, corporate, and commercial and consumer finance law. He has worked with HIV/AIDS nonprofits, a large regional law firm and local, state, and federal government. David is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Washington School of Law.  David handles Revity’s general operations, legal matters, and technology.

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